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Ave Maria Landscape & Statuary is a team of passionate, hard working, customer satisfaction driven landscaping professionals. Based in the Detroit metro area, we provide our clients expert quality services and superior property maintenance.

When considering a landscaping company to fulfill your dream oasis or to simply maintain and enhance your current landscape, you’ll want a company that completely understands your unique surroundings. You need skilled professionals who not only can create beautiful designs, but landscaping that will function seamlessly within your unique environment, existing ecosystems, soil types and conditions, and sunlight exposure. When Ave Maria works for you, every aspect of your landscape design will flow together creating natural grounds for plants to grow, flourish and reveal their beauty.

We educate our clients so they fully understand the landscape plan and the strategy behind it. The biological makeup of each plant dictates what can and can’t be done. A plant that only thrives in shade, for example, will not perform in an area that is exposed to full sun. And we can’t forget the animals that we share our grounds with! We must plan with them in mind. Nothing is worse than planting a beautiful landscape and finding out you just created a large salad bowl for the critters surrounding your home.

Any landscape designer can create beauty. But not every landscaper can create beauty that thrives year-over-year. At Ave Maria, we meticulously plan for the present and future. Our designs incorporate carefully selected plant species customized for your needs. Coupled with our knowledge about the soil, surrounding environment, and ecosystem, your landscape will provide a flourishing array of beauty for you to enjoy for years to come.


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